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Curry Leaf is located on North Street in Exeter, and serves the finest Indian Cuisine in the area

Restaurant Menu (Eating in)

Spice Levels: Hot Medium Mild

G - Gluten Present
D - Dairy Present
N - Nuts Present
V - Vegetarian


Onion Bhaji £3.40
Deep fried fritters of onion, spinach, sweet corn and gram flour

Dahi Puri (Bombay chaat) (G D) £3.50
Crispy pasty cases filled with sweet yogurt, tamarind chutney and green mint chutney

Bharleli Almi (G D) £3.60
Mushrooms stuffed with cheese, coriander and East Indian spices

Vegetable Samosa (G) £3.50
Home-made pasty filled with carrot and french vegetables

Subzi Tikki (G) £3.60
Crumbled and deep fried garden fresh vegetables and spices

Chefs’ Platter (G D) £7.50
An assorted selection of vegetarian starters by the chef

Poppadums with Pickles (D) £4.25
A basket of plain poppadums served with homemade pickles


Chicken Samosa (G) £3.75
Minced chicken, mint, coriander and sweet corn stuffed in homemade pasty

Kheemachi Cutlet (G) £3.95
Minced Lamb and potatoes tempered with aromatic Indian spices

Taleli Machi (G) £3.75
Deep fried Fish fillets marinated with Kashmiri chilli, ginger, garlic and curry leaves

Chicken Lollipop (G) £3.75
Chicken wings marinated with Kashmiri chilli paste, ginger, garlic, curry leaves and South Indian Spices

Chefs’ Platter (G) £8.50
A mix of non-veg starters by the chef


Murg Makhani (D N) £8.95
Chicken Tikka immersed in rich sauce of tomato, flavoured with Fenugreek and cardamom

Kori Gassi £9.25
Chicken morsels cooked in roasted coconut, Kashmiri chilli and coriander

Chicken Shashlick (D N) £9.25
Tandoor smoked Chicken Tikka, Onion & Peppers with chef special curry sauce

Chicken Bedamy Korma (D N) £8.95
Chicken breast simmered in creamy sauce of almonds, Cashewnuts,saffron& fragrant spices

Chicken Chettinad £9.45
Country fare chicken curry with unique Chettinad spices

Malabar Chicken Masala £9.45
An ethnic home-style chicken curry with coconut milk and aromatic Kerala spices

Murg Palak (D) £8.95
Chicken morsels simmered in leaf spinach with spices

Kuttanadan Tharavu Curry (N) £14.95
Grilled duck breast cooked in kerala style with coconut and gram masala


Aadu Varattiyathu (Dry dish) £10.25
Braised Lamb tossed in Kerala spices, a home style speciality dish from Kerala

Kashmiri Rogan josh £9.95
Slow cooked Lamb with Kashmiri Chilli & spices, authentic Kashmiri style

Saag Ghosht (D) £9.75
Diced Lamb cooked with spinach and fragrant spices

Bedamy Ghosht korma (D N) £9.75
Diced Lamb cooked in creamy sauce of almonds, cashew nuts,saffron & aromatic spices

Lamb Chettinad £10.25
Country fare Lamb curry with unique Chettinad spices


Pork Vindaloo £11.50


Meen Moilee £13.50
Salmon cooked in a coconut milk, curry leaf, ginger, garlic and tumeric based sauce

Prawn Moilee £14.50
Prawn cooked in a coconut milk, curry leaf, ginger, garlic and tumeric based sauce

Fish Mango Curry £13.50
Fish & Mango cooked in coconut milk with ginger, garlic, tumeric and chilli

Kerala Fish Curry £13.50
Salmon cooked with kashmiri chilli paste, coconut, ginger garlic and shallots


Vegetable Korma (D N) side £4.25 /main £7.50
Fresh vegetables simmered in creamy sauce of almonds, cashewnuts, main saffron & fragrant spices

Sambhar side £4.25 / main £7.00
A sweet and sour lentil curry with flavoured mixed vegetables and asafoetida

Tadka Dal side £4.25 / main £6.95
Yellow lentils tempered with garlic and cumin topped up by coriander leaves

Saag Khumb (D) side £4.50 /main £8.50
Mushroom, grated spinach & garlic with cumin In a tasty curry sauce

Paneer Makhni (D N) side £4.25 / main £7.60
Soft cheese immersed in rich sauce of tomato, flavoured with Fenugreek and Cardamom

Bombay Aloo (D) side £4.25
Potatoes tossed and tempered with cumin, garlic and smoked chilli

Punjabi Chholey Masala (D N) side £4.75 / main £8.00
Chickpeas sautéed in our own spices in Punjabi style

Mushroom Mutter Masala (D N) side £4.75 / main £8.60
Mushrooms cooked with green peas, onions and North Indian spices


Chicken Lettuce Salad (D) £3.95
Salad leaves with minced chicken & coconut milk dressing

Indian Tikka Salad (D) £3.95
Grilled chicken tikka with mixed leaves

Green Salad £3.25
A salad of fresh green vegetables & onions

Raitha (D) £2.25
Chilled yogurt, onion, cucumbers & coriander leaves sprinkled with cumin powder


Yeast fermented rice flour batter pancake cooked in Kerala’s tradional pan (appam chatti)

Appam with Lamb Stew £8.95
Stew - diced lamb, mix vegetable, coconut milk and sauce

Appam with Chicken Stew £8.75
Stew - diced chicken, mix vegetable, coconut milk and sauce

Appam with Vegetable Stew £7.95
Stew - mix vegetable, coconut milk and sauce

Egg Appam & Stew (Choices of Lamb, Chicken & Veg) £9.95
Appams with poached egg on top

South Indian style rice flour & lentil mixed batter pancake, Served with Coconut chutney and Sāmbhar

Prawns Dosa (G) £8.95
Dosa stuffed with prawns and potato masala

Chicken Dosa (G) £8.25
Dosa stuffed with chicken and potato masala

Lamb Dosa (G) £8.50
Dosa stuffed with lamb and potato masala

Masala Dosa (G V) £7.25
Dosa stuffed with mashed potato masala

Plain Dosa (G V) £6.95
Rice and white lentils fermented batter thin pancake

Chilli Oothappam (G V) £6.95
Sweet pepper and green chilli in rice flour batter pancake

Masala Oothappam (G V) £6.95
Mixed spices in rice flour batter pancake

Plain Oothappam (G V) £6.50
Rice and white lentils fermented batter thin pancake

Aromatic fragrant rice blended with special masala with different spices baked under a flaky crust , served with pickle and raitha (kerala malabari style)

Chicken Biriyani £9.45

Lamb Biriyani £9.95

Prawn Biriyani £11.50

Vegetable Biriyani £8.95


Steamed Aromatic Basmati Rice (V) £2.75

Saffron Jeera Pilau Rice (D V) £2.95

Curry Leaf Mixed Rice £3.75
Mixed with egg and vegetables

Kerala Malabar Paratha (G D) £2.50
Kerala home-style flaky enriched plain bread

Aaloo Paratha (G V) £2.95
Traditional north Indian style bread stuffed with slightly spicy potatoes

Appam (V) £1.95
Yeast fermented rice flour batter pancake


Curry Leaf Special Dessert Rose Kulfi (D) £3.60
Home Made kulfi with dried rose petals and rose syrup

Vanilla Ice Cream £2.75

Strawberry Ice Cream £2.75

Gulab Jamun (G D) £3.60
Dumplings made of thickened milk soaked in sugar syrup

All children’s meals are served with chips

Dosa meal with mini chicken or vegetable Dosa

Curry & rice plate with either chicken or vegetables in a mild korma or medium makhni sauce